Analytical Chemistry study with Xenemetrix ED-XRF

Analytical Chemistry study with Xenemetrix ED-XRF

Modern research deals with the development of new forms of diagnostic technologies for different purposes, such as solutions for laboratory needs, devices and methods that deliver accurate and reliable results at a very high level of productivity.

  Using ED-XRF allows measuring a wide range of elemental concentrations – C(6)-Fm(100) – without the need for sample preparations (heating or destroying the sample). Samples can be measured in the form of loose powders or pressed into pellets and ready for measurement within seconds.

ED-XRF can measure larger sample volumes resulting in a better characterization of end products, and provides high accuracy and precision with excellent detection limits (0.1 – 1 mg/kg).

Xenemetrix Energy Dispersive X-ray Fluorescence (ED-XRF) spectrometers

Are the simplest, most accurate, non-destructive and economical analytical systems, thus they function as an important instrument both as a teaching and as a research tool in universities and educational institutions.

Xenemetrix is strongly committed to comply with students and academic professionals’ needs by offering a broad range of powerful, robust, cost-effective and easy-to-use instruments, perfectly suited for academic lab settings.

Material science, chemical engineering and electronics departments are main users of X-Cite affordable ED-XRF spectrometer. It acts as great teaching tool featuring all the capabilities of higher-end systems with a full analytical software package.

Analytical Chemistry study is made easy with Xenemetrix!

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