Afforable EDXRF analyzer, 35KV/9W or 40KV/18W

Bench Top EDXRF Spectrometer: economical, accurate, easy to use


System Specifications:

  • Non-destructive elemental analysis C(6)-Fm(100) from PPM to 100% concentrations.
  • Six customizable filters for fast and accurate determination of trace and minor elements.
  • Down to 125eV resolution.
  • Robust design, compact geometry.
  • Sample tray with 8/16 positions.
  • Easy to operate thanks to the proprietary nEXt™ software package.

Xenemetrix’s X-Cite Energy Dispersive X-ray Fluorescence (EDXRF) spectrometer offers the most convenient price/performance solution in the market for elemental analysis.

The compact spectrometer fits conveniently on a traditional laboratory bench and includes a completely integrated computer system. The robust design and build make the instrument ideal for a mobile laboratory.

Xenemetrix’s X-Cite uses a high resolution detector and a powerful X-Ray tube with variable spot sizes to accommodate samples of various sizes.

The analyzer provides non-destructive qualitative and quantitative determination of C(6)-Fm(100). The end result is exceptional product, able to deliver powerful analytical results today and into the future. This approach is particularly valuable in applications where limited sample quantities are available or where sample integrity must be preserved for other purposes.

The innovative unit outperforms traditional systems without the cost and difficulties associated with liquid nitrogen cooling.

Full computing capabilities are integrated into the system’s design for comprehensive data analysis and transfer.

Silicon Drift Detector(SDD):

Silicon Drift Detector enables higher count rates, better resolution, down to 125eV and faster response to minimize operational downtime.

PD (Pin Diode) Detector:

Ultra-thin detector window provides superior performance for low Z elements. Basic and reliable detector, achieves ≥ 150eV resolution.


Key Applications:

Petrochemical, Polymers, Academic / Education, Construction, Metallurgical, Alloys, Environmental, Mining & Geological, Forensics, Authentication & Precious Metals, Pharmaceutical & Biomedical

Industries, factories, chemical plants, etc. Oil Petrochemical 

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