multiEQP – 100 Metallic samples processing system

100 Metallic samples processing system

Key Applications:


Sample Preparation of Metal   Sample Preparation OF Iron


  • Process all kind of metallic samples using just one unit
  • The best quality/price ratio in the market
  • Special tools under request
  • Simple to operate
  • Quick changeover of tools
  • Personalized configuration
  • Convenient digital display
  • Programs adapted to your needs

The versatility of the new MultiEQP-100 makes of this unit and essential instrument for the treatment and manufacturing of metallic samples. Effective for cutting, crushing and punching metallic samples, you can also include the capacity for pressing pellets that will be analyzed afterwards by RX. The objective of punching the samples is the obtention of pins for their analysis in Elemental Analyzers.

The special adaptability conditions of the MultiEQP-100 make it immediately ready for undertaking different tasks. This unit has got a specially designed system for the fast and safe changeover of tools fitted for different purposes.

The need of the clients for the immediate readiness of the tools led us to transform the MultiEQP-100 in a samples processing system, as it is able to hold up to three working pistons with capacity to assume, each of them, multiple types of tools. In fact, we can manufacture the tools according to the specifications of use. Each of these working stations can be controlled directly from its control unit – using a digital display-, from which we can adjust the desired time, the stroke of the piston and the pressure: up to 50 tons. When the user selects the chosen program, the appropriate working station is immediately made operative.

Due to the hardness that same samples can reach (example C >0.2), they can’t be processed directly and must be preheated to soften the metal; the combined use of the EQH3.0 Induction Heater with this unit make possible the quick and convenient processing of these kind of samples.

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