Fuel Marker Analyzer

On-board fuels & oils monitoring system
  • Compact. Mobile. Powerful to the sub ppm level.
  • Precise identification and quantification of fuel marker.
  • High accuracy and repeatability.
  • Most efficient analyzer for Fuel Integrity Programs.
  • Touch screen, friendly software, automatic operation. Fast results.
  • Support Cloud database.
  • Supporting governments and companies in the fight against illicit trade of hydrocarbon products.
  • Stand alone, battery operated, can be charged from car outlet
  • Light weight : Less then 16kg.
  • Can be fitted into a standard vehicle
  • On-the-spot analyses.

Governments and oil companies around the world lose significant amounts of revenue every year as result of the illegal diversion of low-grade or tax-free transit fuels into premium grade domestic fuels.

Fuel integrity programs from multiple companies and integrators around the world offer a reliable and cost-effective way of combating this kind of illegal activity, bringing benefits to governments, oil industry, consumers and the environment.

Our systems support both existing programs as well as new to come programs.