The P-Metrix is wrapped in a portable case that acts as a self-contained EDXRF laboratory and allows you to roll it to any site for your elemental analysis test.

P-Metrix, bridging new frontiers in lab-to-field analysis, will be presented at the 2017 ACS Spring Meeting, at San Francisco, April 2nd – 4th, booth # 1706.

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The analytical and industrial instrumentation from Xenemetrix range from portable field or at-line instrumentation, benchtop units ranging in performance, up to floor standing advanced capability laboratory instrumentation. Xenemetrix EDXRF products are suited for researchers employing X-ray techniques to characterize their materials, processes and helping to refine their technology.

Among the analytical and industrial instruments of Xenemetrix, the P-Metrix Portable EDXRF analyzer is a compact EDXRF designed to produce lab quality results in the field or at-line. The P-Metrix provides qualitative and quantitative elemental analysis results (Na -U) within a few minutes – making it ideal for field analysis, which is required in the petrochemical and geochemical industries, and in the public sector – academic and government research analysis and in quality control at-line process analysis.The laboratory quality data gives you high confidence in your results to make on-site observations and to accelerate the characterization process.

This effective screening tool helps to identify samples that represent quality control out of specification conditions for product control at or near the location. The P-Metrix prevents lengthy delays due to having to sample, bag, tag and transport the samples back to the laboratory for further processing. The on-board GPS is very useful for geological applications analysis, the instrument can tag the location while the data is sent back in real time via satellite connection to data servers.

“It just makes sense to do your screening

on site and select only the most

informative samples to take back for

further analysis” – Field Inspector, Water Quality Control 

P MetriX unpacked

For public sector R&D applications, this effective screening tool helps to identify samples that represent contamination or out of specification conditions in the location. The P-Metrix offers new levels of efficiency and real time data for quicker decisions and better control for product quality and assurance at the manufacturing line.

Xenemetrix LTD will be presenting its diverse lines of X-ray fluorescence (XRF) instrumentation at the 2017 ACS Spring Meeting, Sunday, April 2nd through Tuesday April 4th. The event is organized by the American Chemical Society and will be held at the Moscone Convention Center in San Francisco, CA. 

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