On-board fuels & oils monitoring system

Brings the power of laboratory spectrometer onboard vessels

The powerful Energy Dispersive X-ray Fluorescence (EDXRF) analyzers of Xenemetrix are capable of more sensitive and precise analysis than can be expected from a laboratory class analyzer.

The Petro-Marine analysis system is appropriate to be used onboard vessels, thanks to its robust design. The EDXRF technology allows an accurate percentage and sub percentage analysis, within 100 seconds, with very low operational costs and no need for sample preparations.

The Petro-Marine analyzer is designed to fulfill all key aspects of the marine fuels and oils industry. This includes: meeting the government regulations with regards to low Sulfur, and enhancing engine performance, avoiding engine failure at sea and minimizing operational costs.

The Petro-Marine system provides a cost effective maintenance management tool that specifically designed to reduce the cost of operation and total cost of ownership, with returns of investment measured in a few months.

  • Low Sulfur fuels: New legislation requires the use of low Sulfur fuels in environmentally sensitive areas.
  • Cat Fines: Silicon and Aluminum originating in the refinery process can cause an engine failure when appearing in a large concentration.
  • Wear Metals: Monitoring the levels of Fe, Cr, Ni, Cu, Zn, Pb and other element in lube oils is essential for engine wear avoidance and lowering costs of operation.
  • Calcium, Zinc and Phosphorus in bunker fuels are indicators of the fraudulent mixing of used lubrication oil in these fuels.


Key Applications:

Detection of Sulfur content in bunker diesel fuels, Cat Fines- avoiding engine failure, Sea water contamination, Wear metals in oils & fraudulent mixing in bunker fuels.


Fuel and oil testing  Fuel testing and immediate results

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