Rapid direct determination of tin in beverages using EDXRF

02 APR 2019

This article presents a new method for the simpler and faster determination of tin in beverages using EDXRF using Xenemetrix X-7600 / Nova system. Absorptioncoefficients for aqueous calibration samples were calculated and shown to be nearly identical to those of the beverage samples, thus permitting the use of aqueous standard solutions for external calibration. Beverage samples could then be measured directly using the external calibration. Determination of tin using this method takes 4 min. The LOD and LOQ were 4 mg L−1 and 15 mg L−1 respectively, and the precision was 3.89%. Different canned beverages (cold coffee, various fruit juices) were measured and the results compared to the concentrations obtained using ICP-OES after digestion. The two methods showed good compatibility, thus establishing the newly developed method as a rapid, simple, and accurate method for the determination of tin in beverages.