EQP-100 Pellet Press

Pellet Press

Key Applications:

glass, earths, cement, plaster, ceramic materials, minerals, silicates, geological and mineralogical samples.

 Analisys of geological sample  Analysis and preparation for Cement


  • Quick production of high quality pellets
  • Easy to operate
  • 5 working programs
  • Double cycle pressing
  • Convenient display with instructions in Spanish and English
  • Compact design
  • The best quality/price ratio in the market


To obtain truly representative results in RX or LIBS, the samples require a preparation of an excellent finish

very flat surfaces, regular and without cracks. Therefore, the manufacturing of the disks must guarantee a high degree of cohesion and stability. The EQP-100 Press is specially designed to obtain the best results when making the pellets. Of robust and durable design, it has got a simple working system and is really effective, and it is the only one in the market offering up to five working programs in single or double cycle.

This capacity allows us to program the EQP-100 Press to apply pressure up to two times in a same process, granting the possibility of digitally regulate the time and the pressure, and the time elapsed between each pressing cycle. This time is necessary, in some cases, for the sample to expel occluded gases – this gases are generally the causes of irregularities or cracks in the disks. This capacity makes of this unit the optimum alternative in the case of difficult samples.

The EQP-100 Press has been specially designed for the preparation of dust samples (pellets) that are to be analyzed afterwards by RX. The preparation of pellets is a common technique which will allow us to manipulate the samples easily and obtain reproducible analytical results.

A unit easy to use, quick – as part of the process is automated, robust and effective..