Sensitive Analysis of Particulate Matter Collected on Air Filter Samples


The Apollo analyzer can test for inorganic air pollutant species while supporting compliance with the US-EPA’s air quality regulation requirements. Along with the power to quantify the deposits of airborne particulates up to 60 elements, the Apollo is fast, accurate, easy to use, and achieves low detection limits. With the ability to analyze filters “as received” without destruction and with no preparation or extraneous handling, the instrument ensure that the air filter sample can be preserved for future reference.

The innovative Apollo analyzer uses patented Wide Angle Geometry (WAG™) option to provide high x-ray flux, leading to optimal excitation of samples. Through the use of secondary targets with computer varied voltages and emission currents, the Apollo provide monochromatic excitation energy, increased signal-to-noise ratio, superior sensitivity, selective excitation of elements of interest, and extremely low detection limits, due to the near absence of background radiation.


Key Applications:

Air Filter Samples

Samples Air Filter  Air pollution