Fertilizers in our Modern Agricultural Industry and the use of EDXRF

The data generated in this study were collected on a Xenemetrix Genius IF benchtop using the Analytix software package which has both empirical and fundamental parameter processes for evaluating data.

 Genius IF

Fertilizer is a substance added to soil to improve plants’ growth and yield. Modern synthetic fertilizers are composed mainly of nitrogen, phosphorous, and potassium compounds with secondary nutrients added. The use of synthetic fertilizers has significantly improved the quality and quantity of the food available today, although their long-term use is debated by environmentalists due to the waste and run-off, which produces a decrease in the bio-availability of oxygen in rivers, streams and the ocean leading to the depletion of fish life.

Analyzing Fertilizer products can be challenging analytically, this paper explores the pitfalls of quantifying nutrients and how to overcome these limitations through simple sample preparation.


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The Xenemetrix XRF solutions are very useful to Fertilizer companies and mining companies supplying the fertilizer manufacturers with raw materials. The EDXRF is used for quality control of their intermediate process products and the final products that need to meet warranty specifications as stated on the product labels.

 EDXRF offers a cost-effective and relatively easy way to quantify the elements that are vital for the success of Fertilizers and other agricultural service products.

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