Advanced Analytics Software – Ease-of-Use, Accurate, Fast Elemental Analysis


Analytix Software

– Work seamlessly with all Xenemetrix instruments to deliver accurate, comprehensive and easy-to-understand results.
– Adaptable to a wide variety of applications, multiple tests performed within a short time and minimum configuration efforts.
– Designed with a highly intuitive interface, a simple and user-friendly GUI that can be operated by different levels of users for a wide variety of elemental analysis tasks.
– Client-server network operator mode – real-time data transfer by Wi-Fi or GPRS, enables easy management of multiple systems at disperse global locations. Analysis can be easily performed on-site, results can be transferred to any distributed client with GPS location-based data analysis and unique test identification.


Analytix features:

Fundamental Parameters analysis: Enables standardless calibrations. Fundamental Parameter method correlates between the measured X-ray intensities and the elemental concentrations in samples, based on X-ray physics and measured values of fundamental atomic parameters in the ED-XRF region of the spectra.

Advanced quantitative & qualitative analysis: Predefined customized procedures for quantitative and qualitative spectroscopic analysis.

Fast analysis: Simple and accurate spectral acquisition and qualitative analysis with auto-peak identification.

Deep analysis: Advanced spectral acquisition and qualitative analysis, with six different sequential acquisitions and pre-defined procedures included.

Analysis results features: Manual Peak ID, User Annotation, Overlap and ROI.

Libraries: Defining alloy grade, resulting composition of elements, providing quantitative analysis, composition and other properties of the alloy material.
Client-server network operator mode: The Analytix operator mode enables storing the data in the “cloud” – Suitable for organizations that utilize multiple systems and require a central control for both application and system maintenance. Enables non-professional users to quickly and efficiently perform simple highquality ED-XRF analysis providing Pass\Fail elements indication results without predefined conditions.

Auto-calibration: Automatic energy shift correction calibration upon samples.

Automatic energy calibration: Normalization, matching and validation of tube intensity.

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