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Special offer: EX-6600 SDD & X-Calibur SDD 

Demo unit from showroom.

Key features include for EX-6600 SDD:

Laboratory EDXRF Spectrometers With Secondary Targets

  • Non-destructive elemental analysis C(6) - Fm(100) from sub-ppm to 100% concentrations
  • Silicon Drift Detector (SDD), facilitate extremely high count rate applications with excellent energy resolution, suitable for both high and low z elements
  • Up to 300W tube power combined with a Patented WAG ® (Wide Angle Geometry) technology create a powerful instrument any laboratory can only wish for.
  • Eight customizable filters and eight secondary targets facilitate fast and accurate determination of trace and minor elements
  • Easy to operate thanks to the proprietary nEXt™ software package.


Key features include for X-Calibur SDD:

Bench Top EDXRF Spectrometer: fast, accurate, easy to use

  • Non-destructive elemental analysis C(6)-Fm(100) from Sub- PPM to 100% concentration
  • Six customizable filters for fast and accurate determination of trace and minor elements
  • Down to 125eV resolution
  • Sample tray with 8/16 positions
  • Easy to operate due to the proprietary nEXt™ software package


For more information:

Email: info@xenemetrix.com

Tel: +972-4-9891313

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