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Portable field laboratory - Taking the laboratory to the field


Bridging new frontiers in Lab - to Field analysis

High performance - 50kV and 10W
The largest testing chamber
Touchscreen & Sample camera
Battery powered
Light weight - 16Kg

Taking the laboratory to the field

A portable field laboratory with safe and superior Energy-Dispersive X-Ray Fluorescence (EDXRF) quantitative and qualitative analysis.

P-Metrix is a high-power analyzer that incorporates performances and safety of a top-grade EDXRF benchtop analyzer, combined with easy mobility and cost-effective benefits of a portable device and field engineered.

This powerful 50kV, 10W with Rh anode providing onsite lab quality excellent performance for complex field applications.

Silicon Drift Detector(SDD):

SDD with higher count rate and resolution, down to 125eV for improved analysis, detection range from C(6) - Fm(100)


Laboratory quality with fast field results

  • Non-destructive elemental analysis - Quantitative and qualitative analysis using standards and standardless (FP) methods

  • X-Ray source - Excitation of 50kV, 10W, 400µA with Rh anode LOD from ppm to 100% concentrations, providing onsite lab quality excellent performance for complex field applications

  • Tube filters - Variety of seven adjustable tube filters for High performances

  • Automatic calibration - System automatic calibration upon materials for ambient atmosphere adjustment

  • Large testing chamber - The largest sealed testing chamber available for portable XRF systems

  • User-friendly operation - Fully integrated PC and industrialized touchscreen

  • CMOS sample camera - Integrated camera for full identification of the area of interest

  • Advanced Analytix SW - Implemented advanced Analytix SW analysis package for fast, easy-to-use performance for immediate action and results in the field

  • Battery operated - Field mobility 

  • Self-service - Designed for self-service with low maintenance, easy replacement of instruments components such as: detector, tube, MCA, controller and PC board

Key Applications:

Alloys; Environmental; Oil, Fuels & Liquids; Mining & Geological; Forensics; Food & agriculture; Authentication & Precious Metals; Pharmaceutical & Biomedical; Petrochemical & Petroleum

Petroleum Petrochemical 1  Sulfur Copy


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