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Analysis of Mn in Aviation Gasoline

 Mn Genius


The ASTM standards body creates peer-based, stake holder norms that are used by the Petroleum Industry to regulate the quality of products used by consumers. This application proposes a method for measuring Mn in Aviation and other Gasoline products by adding a Part D to the existing ASTM 5059 for the determination of Pb by XRF.



To measure the Manganese (Mn) content in Aviation and Motor Gasoline using the Genius IF EDXRF and secondary target excitation technique for an ASTM ILS which will become a new ASTM method for the Petroleum




Methylcyclopentadienyl manganese tricarbonyl (MMT) is a gasoline octane enhancer produced by the Afton Chemical Corporation (Afton), formerly known as the Ethyl Corporation. MMT is allowed in U.S. gasoline at a level equivalent to 1/32 grams per gallon manganese (gpg Mn) Used in Aviation Gasoline as an Octane booster and also as an anti-knock agent added to motor gasoline and Avgas to boost octane rating, replacing tetraethyl lead (TEL) in many regions of the world. In motor gasoline the Mn content is typically between 50-500 mg/kg, and can be as high as 3000 mg/kg (approximately 3 g/L) in Avgas. Reliably characterizing the Mn content of gasoline ensure optimum engine performance based on the engine’s compression ratio and other geometrical and mechanical operating conditions. To meet the needs of the industry, Xenemetrix offers the Genius IF, a sophisticated and versatile benchtop EDXRF analyzer with secondary target for the analysis of manganese in gasoline.



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